Your Winter Driving Checklist


Your Winter Driving Checklist Bear Creek TowingAt Bear Creek Towing, we know how important it is for drivers to be well-equipped and ready for severe conditions in the winter. To help our customers, we have put together a guide to safe winter driving checklist. Look through the list below and make a note of anything you might have forgotten.

If you’ve lived in Colorado long enough, you know how rough winter can be. How quickly the snow can pile up, creating dangerous conditions on the road. While our courteous professional are at the ready to assist you in case of a breakdown or emergency this winter, we’ve learned a few things along the way that will help ensure your safety just in case you find yourself in trouble.

Here’s our guide to safe winter driving checklist:

  1. Reflector triangle – Use this signage to warn other drivers of your stationary vehicle should you break down. You should put signs about 10 feet out from the front and rear corners of your vehicle to mark its location and 100 feet behind as an added warning.
  2. Windshield snow-scraper and shovel – Heavy snowfall can partially bury your car in a matter of minutes. These tools are indispensable in winter and we’ll ensure your car doesn’t get buried or passed by emergency personnel.
  3. A bag of sand or kitty litter – This will help your tires regain traction in case your vehicle gets stuck. Throw handfuls at a time under and in front of your wheels.
  4. Tire chains, tow strap, and jump cables – Don’t rely on other people to provide these and don’t get stuck on the side of the road unable to proceed because you’re not prepared.
  5. Extra set of warm clothing and a sleeping bag – Don’t forget gloves and a warm hat, too. Hand and foot warmer packs are also a great idea for staying warm.
  6. Non-perishable food and at least one gallon of water. This is a good idea all year long.
  7. Basic first aid kit and a supply of any essential medications you regularly take.
  8. Strong flashlight and radio – Choose battery powered electronics and have extra batteries on hand. Just remember to periodically check these items to ensure they’re working properly.
  9. Flares – These can be used to signal for assistance and are especially important if you are driving in a remote area.
  10. Mobile phone – Make sure it is fully charged before leaving home or keep a charging block in your vehicle at all times.

Last, but not least, remember to check your vehicle for faults in the following areas before heading out on a long trip or driving in severe conditions. Examine the treads on your tires for wear, check that all lights are working and make sure you have adequate windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, and a full tank of gas. And be sure to listen to local weather channels for updates on weather conditions.

Follow this guide to safe winter driving checklist and you’ll minimize your risk of danger on the road. Of course, if you do experience an auto emergency in winter, Bear Creek Towing is just a phone call away. We offer professional, 24/7 roadside assistance and towing services for Evergreen, Conifer, West Golden and the surrounding mountain areas.

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