What To Do While Waiting For Your Tow Truck

If you’ve been involved in an accident or driving mishap that requires a tow truck’s assistance, here are five things you should do while help is on its way. Calling a customer-friendly towing company and following these steps can help you get back on the road safely & quickly.

1. Pull Over: Move your vehicle to the shoulder or the safest area possible. Get as far out of the way of oncoming traffic as possible.
2. Hazards On: Indicate to oncoming traffic that your vehicle requires assistance.
3. Play It Safe: Stay inside your car with the seat belt on in high-traffic situations. Once out, stand as far away from traffic as possible.
4. Take Your Valuables: If you leave the car, take your belongings with you. Be prepared for the towing company’s arrival.
5. Stranger Danger: Accept assistance only from Towing Company professionals.

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