Stay safe while waiting for the tow truck

Do you know what to do while waiting for a towing service? Today, Bear Creek Towing offers a bit of advice for customers in Evergreen, Conifer, West Golden, and the surrounding mountain areas. A flat tire, dead battery, or a heavy snowfall can leave you stranded unexpectedly. While it is always a good idea to call a towing service such as Bear Creek immediately, you may have to wait before professional assistance arrives.

To prevent any further damage to your car and to ensure your safety, here’s what to do while waiting for a towing service to arrive.

  1. Move your vehicle away from the flow of traffic. If you can safely drive your car to the shoulder of the road, do so as quickly as possible. If the vehicle does not start, and it’s safe to do so, push it to the side of the road, out of the way of oncoming cars, and wait for emergency roadside assistance to arrive. Drivers traveling at high speeds and in low visibility conditions may not realize that your car is not moving at the same speed until it’s too late.
  2. Turn on the hazard lights and set up a reflective warning triangle about 45 meters from your vehicle. This will alert other drivers that you have broken down and that the car can’t be moved. If you have broken down just after a bend in the road or the crest of a hill, place the warning triangle in front of this obstacle to give drivers enough warning of the potential danger ahead.
  3. Do not exit your vehicle unless it is safe. If you are well out of the way of passing traffic, you can exit your vehicle, but from the passenger door if you are on the right-hand side of a busy road. If it still seems unsafe to exit the car, wait in your seat with your seatbelt fastened. There is still a chance that a passing car could hit your stationary vehicle, so it is better to put safety first while waiting for a towing service. Standing in the vicinity only makes you a target.
  4. Take your belongings with you if you leave your car to seek shelter in a nearby restaurant or to find a phone to call for help. This will prevent your valuables being stolen by opportunistic thieves. You will also need to have your driver’s license, insurance details, and key documents (such as your AAA card) on hand when help arrives.
  5. Decline help or a ride from other drivers. It is always better to stick with your vehicle and wait for the towing service to assist you with a flat tire, lock out, or enough gas to get you to the next service station. While passers-by may offer to take a look under your hood or give you a ride home, the person who stops is still a stranger and may not have the best intentions.

Following this advice on what to do while waiting for a towing service will help keep you out of harm’s way while stranded with your vehicle. Remember that Bear Creek Towing offers friendly and affordable services by true professionals. Call us for emergency roadside assistance and towing – any time and any day of the year!

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