What Not to Do if Your Car Breaks Down


car on tow truck Bear Creek Towing EvergreenKnowing what not to do if your car breaks down can save you from some tough situations. At Bear Creek Towing in Golden, we respond to calls from distressed motorists every day of the year. Today, we have a few tips for drivers that find themselves on the side of the road in need of assistance. Whether you are a new driver or an experienced one, there’s sure to be something useful here for you.

  1. Don’t block the road with your car. If at all possible, at the first sign of engine failure, try to steer your car towards the shoulder with your remaining momentum. Once it is clear of moving traffic, put it in park, engage the emergency brake and turn your steering wheel so that the wheels of the vehicle point away from the road. This will prevent the car from accidentally rolling into traffic.
  1. Call for help without delay. Call a roadside assistance service or a reputable towing company in your area. They will be able to transport you and your vehicle to a mechanic safely. Remember, depending on the distance, traffic and weather conditions, you may be waiting a while for them to arrive, so don’t delay in making that call.
  1. Don’t confuse other drivers. If your car has broken down, you need to make that clear to other drivers in order to minimize the risk of accidents. Put your hazard lights on and use a warning triangle if you have one. Set it up at least 50 feet behind your car. Lifting the hood of your vehicle will also help make it obvious that you have broken down.
  1. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself, unless you have skills and experience. This is a big what not to do if your car breaks down. If you start fiddling with the engine but have never done it before, you run the risk of turning a small problem into something much bigger and more expensive.
  1. Don’t abandon your vehicle. If your car has broken down on a busy highway, it is best not to get out of your vehicle at all. If you must get out, be extremely careful of passing traffic or exit through the passenger door. Stay with your car as you wait for roadside assistance. When they arrive, they will need you present to get your details and sign paperwork.
  1. Don’t blindly trust anybody offering help. While some passers-by may stop with good intentions to help a fellow motorist in distress, other opportunists will jump at the chance to scam a driver in a vulnerable position. Take the safer option and only accept help from a licensed roadside assistance service that you have called.

Experiencing your first breakdown is no fun, but at least you now know what not to do if your car breaks down. Another good idea is being prepared with the number of a reputable towing service like Bear Creek Towing. We offer professional roadside recovery and assistance services every day of the year. Save our number 303-674-6609 in case of an emergency.

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