Insurance Claims for a Towing Service

flatbed tow truck Bear Creek Towing EvergreenMany drivers are in the dark about insurance claims for a towing service. At Bear Creek Towing in Golden, Colorado, we carry out hundreds of roadside assistance and towing services every year. Car insurance often covers these services, but motorists are not always aware of this fact. Check out our guide to making an insurance claim for towing service and see if you could be saving money.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Take the time to read the fine print of your insurance policy and find out what exactly is included. Roadside Assistance may be an optional extra, or it may be included in your standard auto insurance policy. If your insurance covers accidents and collisions, a towing service will almost always be included in the event that your vehicle is not drivable due to an accident.

If in doubt, contact your insurance agent or a company representative. Their job is to help you understand exactly what is included in your policy and to help you use it in times of need. Ask them whether they have certain approved tow companies or if you can choose one on your own. They may require you to contact them immediately to file a claim at the moment of needing a tow, or they may offer reimbursement. It’s better to know ahead of time than when you’re on the side of the road.

Filing a Claim Immediately

Contacting your insurance provider straight away and having them organize a tow truck for you most likely will mean that you don’t have to pay money out of pocket. Your insurance company will cover the cost immediately, and there’s no waiting for reimbursement. The disadvantage is that your insurance company will choose which tow company to call from their list of approved service providers. The company selected by your insurer may not be the closest or fastest responding of your local options. You may have some extra wait time after filing your claim over the phone, but you shouldn’t have to deal with paperwork.


For a faster tow service, you can call a towing company yourself. It is a good idea to have the numbers of local reputable tow companies saved on your phone. You will have to pay for the service yourself and make sure you keep receipts and copies of any paperwork signed. You can then send the receipts to your insurance company and wait for a reimbursement.

Both of these options have their advantages and disadvantages. Remember to check with your provider in advance to confirm your current coverage and the terms and conditions associated with roadside assistance. If your insurance provider includes towing as standard, it would be silly not to take advantage of this in your time of need.

Bear Creek Towing offers 24-hour roadside assistance to drivers in Evergreen, Conifer, Golden and the surrounding mountain areas. We are a fully licensed company and happy to provide all the necessary paperwork needed to facilitate your insurance claims for a towing service. Call us anytime for a fast response.

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