What Do I Do If I’m Stuck in My Car During a Blizzard


What Do I Do If I’m Stuck in My Car During a BlizzardBlizzards can develop without warning, putting Colorado motorists at risk for being stranded. In fact, at Bear Creek Towing, we take a number of calls from drivers who are stuck in hazardous, winter weather conditions. So, before you find yourself in a situation like this, it’s best to already know the answer a very important question, what do I do if I’m stuck in my car during a blizzard? 

How to Get Yourself Out

In less extreme cases, drivers can often dig themselves out and continue on. However, only attempt to dig when the snow has completely stopped. Trying to shovel snow while it’s still falling will just result in tiring yourself out. During Colorado’s winter months, remember to keep a shovel, ice scraper, and a bag of sand or kitty litter in your vehicle. Start by digging snow out from around your wheels, and then use the sand or kitty litter to help with tire traction.

How to Get Yourself Help

Only leave your car and go for help if you can see a nearby building. Otherwise, it is best to stay in your car. If you have a mobile phone (and you should always have one when driving in bad weather), call Bear Creek Towing for assistance. While you wait, place reflector triangles in front of and behind your vehicle and keep your signal lights on to alert other drivers of your situation and location. If you have signal flares, these can be useful, especially in more remote areas.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

Remove any snow build-up from around your exhaust pipe to prevent dangerous fumes from getting trapped in the car. If there is continuous heavy snowfall, check the exhaust pipe every 20 minutes. In winter, it is always a good idea to have extra layers of warm clothing in the car, as well as boots, gloves, a sleeping bag, food and a metal container for melting snow. If you are waiting for assistance in an area with passing traffic, it is a good idea to keep your seat-belt fastened. Your stationary vehicle could still be hit by another driver, especially in severe weather conditions.

If you expect to be waiting a long time for help, it’s important to keep yourself warm. You can do this by layering up, doing simple exercises every 30 minutes and staying hydrated. Melt snow in any metal or plastic containers you have on hand, and speed up the process by placing the containers within your layers of clothes. Conserve gas by turning the car off, but turn it on regularly enough to keep it heated.

Here in Colorado, winter can be beautiful yet dangerous. And knowing what do I do if I’m stuck in my car during a blizzard can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Remember the tips we’ve given you here and be sure to call Bear Creek Towing for 24/7 roadside assistance and towing. If you’re stuck in West Golden, Conifer, Evergreen or the surrounding mountain areas, we can get a professional out to your location as quickly as possible. Be safe out there!

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