road side service

Emergency Road Side Service

What does roadside assistance cover?

Roadside Assistance covers most mechanical repairs that are needed while traveling. This includes flat tires, broken suspension parts, clogged radiator hoses, etc. Roadside Assistance also covers towing costs, locksmith charges, delivery of gasoline, oil, batteries, etc., and even some minor bodywork like replacing dents. We do not cover the cost of major body work such as windshield replacement, however.

Mechanical Labor

If your vehicle breaks down somewhere along the way, Roadside Assistance will provide up to one hour of mechanical labor at no charge. You must notify us within 24 hours of the incident. For example, if you break down on Interstate 5, call our hotline at 888-898-9282. You can also use our online form here.


We offer free towing in the United States for vehicles that are disabled on or adjacent to a public road. This includes cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, scooters, and other wheeled vehicles. Vehicles that are disabled on private property require prior authorization. Our tow truck drivers will arrive within 30 minutes of receiving notification. They will assess the situation and determine whether it is safe enough to move the vehicle. If it is unsafe, they will contact you to see if you want to wait for a better opportunity. Otherwise, they will begin moving the vehicle. Towing costs vary depending on where the vehicle is located, how far away the nearest repair facility is, and what type of vehicle is being towed.

Delivery of Gasoline, Oil, Battery, Or Change Of Tire

Roadside Assistance provides delivery of fuel, oil, battery, and/or air pressure adjustment kits at no additional charge. These supplies are delivered directly to your vehicle. However, we cannot deliver larger quantities of fuel, oil, or air pressure adjustment kits.

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